DoF-calc english

Calculate the depth of field of your lenses fast and without a headache, based on known values or pixel perfect.

The App uses either the pixelsize as the circle of confusion or the usual value (1/1500 of the sensors diagonal) With this you have a smaller area of acceptable focus, because higher definition sensors make smaller circles of confusion visible. Special presets for HD- or 4K-video provide easy calculations for videographers.
Additionaly a graph is generated to give a visual impression on how much objects are out of focus or how big the bokeh is.


* Apple Watch App
* Optimized for one-hand-use
* Variable circle of confusion
* Support for up to 100 megapixel-sensors
* Presets for HD- and 4K-Video
* Visual graph with bokeh-curve
* 5 mm to 1600 mm focal lenght
* Field of view calculation

Supported localization:

* englisch
* german

About this App:

I tried to keep this App as simple and fast as possible. But you have to consider the fact, that „what is sharp“ depends on the final picture-size an your viewing distance.

Usually an acceptable sharpness (based on a print with a diagonal of 30cm and a viewing distance of 25cm) is achieved by a circle of confusion of 29µm on a fullframe (35mm)-Sensor.

As long as you present your picture at a „usual“ viewing distance you´re good to go with a value of „1“ megapixel. As soon as you crop out a part of your picture and magnify this to the same size you´re gonna get a different result in sharpness. If you want to go „pixel peeping“ enter your cameras megapixel-size and enjoy it.

The graph at the top of the main view is used to give you a visual expression about how much your objects are out of focus based on your circle of confusion. The orange center-line represents sharp rendering, the green vertical-line represents your focal distance and the red curve represents how much objects are out of focus.

The field of view is calculated, based on sensor size (diagonal) and focal lenght at infinity focus for rectangular projection lenses.

In case you found a bug or want to help me improve this App, feel free to contact me at:


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